Shelter is an autonomous tech collective that provides alternative infrastructure within our network that are run with solidarity in mind rather than motivated by profit.


We don't want technology to be in the way nor a problem for does that struggle for social change.

With this we mean a society that are better for all of us whatever who we identifying ourself as or are, whatever skin color we have or disabilities. A society rooted in solidarity without capitalism.

Shelter was born for many reasons but some are:

  • Infrastructure should be controlled by movement organizations and not corporations or governments.
  • Within a network that we are in control of. No spooks in the middle.
  • It's free, even if it's costs some money to provide what we do. We want them that can donate to make it possible for them that can't.
  • Minimize the logs of our users and visitors as much as possible so it can't be tie to an individual. Some basic logs are needed for debugging problems that pops up every now and then.
  • Who?

    Shelter is a closed collective of people that have known each other for a long time. All decisions are made collectively and all work is voluntary where we have long experience of working in the "engine room" of the internet, designing, constructing and maintaining systems.