Unfortunately it cost some money to provide our services and resources and the whole idea with Shelter is to provide free and alternative infrastructure for everyone without any need to pay for it but if you or your organization, group etc can drop a donations it means we can provide what we do for a large amount of people and come up with more services and useful tools.

All our work is voluntary and even if we spend a lot of time on solving problems that pops up every now and then no one is getting paid for their work and we also wanna keep it that way since we doing this with solidarity and not for money.

The donations will go to hardware and to cover electricity for our machines and internet transit traffic. We want to be transparent as much as possible on our costs and where the money goes without revealing to much about our infrastructure and setup.

We have a wish list of hardware that we would like to have but we can't take all types of hardware because of security reasons.


We accept PayPal donations through a friendly ISP. Please contact us for details.

Thank you! <3


We are not really big fans of Bitcoin but It's easy to accept and we don't need to hassle with paper work.

Please contact us so we can generate a unique address for you. This is done because of privacy reasons.

Thank you! <3

Privacy warning! Bitcoin is not anonymously! transactions are stored publicly and permanently on the network, which means anyone can see the balance and transactions of any Bitcoin address. Always remember that it is your responsibility to adopt good practices in order to protect your privacy.

Snail mail

It's possible to send us money in cash please contact us to get our P.O. box details.

Thank you! <3

Privacy warning! Do not send any kind of sensitive information or something that can be traced back to you! For an extra layer of security do not write Shelter just use the P.O. box number and cover the money with a paper so they are not visible through the envelope.

Wish list

At the moment we are in need of the following things:

  • No things needed at the moment. Please check back.
  • Unfortunately we can't take all types of hardware because of security reasons. Please contact us if you want to have more details.

    Thank you! <3

    Contact us if you want to send something so we can schedule it. It won't be possible to send bigger packages to our P.O. box.